What is a natural sedative for dogs to calm down?

Every breed of dog experiences anxiety often during its lifetime just like we humans do. Disproportionate levels of unpleasant emotion if left unchecked for long time may lead to elevated behavioral and other issues. Initially, it may seem challenging to treat an anxious dog. But according to animal behaviorists and veterinarian, there are many things you can do to help your friend in distress. When it comes to sedating dog, as a responsible pet owner, you would always want to try natural ways to sedate it.

It is essential to find a way to help your pet companion in anxiety so that it can enjoy all normal doggie activities like playing fetch and going for walk. Chamomile, Hypericum perforatum and Valerian are the widely recognized natural sedatives. They help to calm the nerves of your darling pet.

How can I sedate my dog naturally?

A tea may be made using above mentioned three herbs and then mixed with your doggie food. The herbs may also be given in the form of capsule or tincture.

More serotonin, a good brain chemical, is directly linked with less anxiety and stress. Cannabidiol also known as CBD oil, extracted from Marijuana plant helps your pet’s body to produce more serotonin. Before giving him CBD drops, do follow your veterinarian’s advice.

Essential oils also play important role when you want to sedate your dog naturally. Try diffusing lavender, frankincense, chamomile, rose or vetiver.

Is there an over the counter sedative for dogs?

There are not many over the counter sedative for dogs other than very mild antihistamines as they may be used by druggies and are not safe. For the love of your pet, you must consult your vet as he knows the history of your pet can advise right dosage for results that you want to achieve.

Can Benadryl be given to sedate my dog?

Benadryl is not the best solution when you want to calm down your dog. It is often prescribed to treat itching or allergies. But because the drug causes drowsiness, some owners start giving it to sedate pets. However, this is not the best practice to achieve what you need. It may leave the negative impact on your pet’s health if given regularly over a long time.

What can I give my dog for anxiety?

What can you give a dog to relax them
What can you give a dog to relax them?

Giving it its favorite toy may prove miraculous during its stressful time. Nutritional food puts a big impact on canine’s well-being just as on humans. Junk food is subject to harmful effects. Feed your dear pet with high-quality food and if possible premium quality foods.

What natural remedy can I give my dog for anxiety?

  • If your dog is anxiety ridden or is hyperactive, before administering it with any tranquilizer, try giving it enough exercise. Serotonin is released while exercising and may go a long way towards calming your four legged friend. Rigorous games, long walk and swimming are the fun ways for your canine’s exercise.
  • Studies have shown that music therapy is beneficial for humans and so for pets. Now-a-days, there are CDs available that are filled with music to calm your lovely pet. You may put on a CD that may soothe it especially when the anxiety is caused by separation.
  • You may also try giving him good massage. A gentle rub with your palm may help it in reducing anxiety.
  • Sometimes, ThunderShirt, a special garment may also prove beneficial to calm your dog. The shirt wraps your pet in such a way that its pressure releases hormones that helps to calm down.

To conclude, dog’s anxiety though common may hinder your lovely pet with its daily activities. Many times there come instances when medicines will be the best option but there are often natural ways to deal with this situation. Always keep in touch with your pet’s veterinarian as he is the right person to guide you for your pet’s well-being. So enjoy watching your dear pet in good health using natural ways to deal with stress.

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