Are rutabagas safe for dogs to eat? skin and leaves?

Can a dog eat turnip - Rutabagas
Can a dog eat turnip - Rutabagas?

Can dogs eat Rutabaga?

Yes! Dogs are allowed to eat Rutabaga, either raw or cooked. However, always note that too much rutabaga may cause some digestive issues thus feed them only once in a while.

What is a Rutabaga?

Rutabaga is a sweet tuber that is rich in nutrients. It originated sometime in the 17th century as a hybrid of radish and wild cabbage. Rutabaga even resembles a huge ugly turnip that is why many people usually confuse these two. Rutabaga also has many names like Russian radish, Swedish radish, winter radish, yellow radish, and Canadian radish. As these names suggest, rutabaga is related to radishes and is produced by a natural cross between a cabbage and a radish. Compared to turnips, rutabagas grow taller (due to their cabbage tradition) and take a few more weeks to mature.

How to grow Rutabaga?

Growing rutabaga is easy but the biggest challenge is on when it should be planted. Since rutabaga’s root matures best in cold climates, it must be planted in time so that it will mature perfectly once the climate reaches a cold temperature. Rutabaga is very suitable for autumn crops in cold regions or winter crops in warm regions as it takes about 80 to 100 days from sowing to harvest. It can grow in ordinary soil, but to get a bigger and better harvest is to work on a layer of compost.

Why is Rutabaga good for dogs?

Rutabaga is a very healthy vegetable for furry babies. Once consumed, your dogs will surely enjoy all the health benefits provided by this root vegetable. It is packed with vitamins C, E, & K, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Rutabagas are high in fiber content so it can regulate your dog’s bowel movements and help keep their digestive system healthy. Adding high-fiber foods to their diet can also help prevent colorectal cancer in dogs. Other perks of rutabaga consumption are cancer prevention, digestive support, and immune system support. Thus, if you’re looking for something delicious and nutritious as a treat to your dog then rutabaga is one of the best options for you but of course, with moderation.

Are rutabagas still good for my dogs even if it has been stored for quite a long time?

Rutabaga can actually be kept for several months as long as it stays in a cool humid environment. However, you need to make sure that rutabagas are properly stored in order to prevent it from rotting since rotten vegetables are unhealthy for dogs. How to properly store rutabaga is after digging and cutting the tops one inch above the roots, you need to place it in a cold and damp root cellar as close to 32 degrees as possible.

How to prepare Rutabaga for dogs?

Before feeding your canine pups with rutabagas, be sure to wash and peel it to remove the top and bottom of the roots. Cut it into small pieces and cook until it tenderizes. It is highly discouraged to add any seasonings or ingredients that are toxic for dogs. Once it’s cooked, you can mash it and add it to your dog’s regular diet.

What rutabaga recipe is best for my dogs?

The simplest and safest rutabaga recipe is just boiling it. There is no need to put some additives or flavor enhancers as it will only provide toxins that might eliminate the nutrients found in rutabagas.

What happens if my dog eats too much rutabaga?

If your puppy eats too much rutabaga, he/she may experience stomach problems and/or diarrhea. Thus, to avoid these digestive issues, it is best to make rutabaga an occasional snack and should only be eaten in small amounts.

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