Can Dogs Eat Eggs For Breakfast

Can a dog eat egg shells?

Can I Give My Dog Eggs

Do you love yourself some eggs for breakfast but don’t know what to do about your dog’s shared enthusiasm for them? Eggs are one of the most common food items consumed all over the world by humans and its no surprise that dogs love them too! So if your four legged friend is always begging at the breakfast table for some eggy scraps it is natural to wonder if it is healthy or even safe to feed your dog eggs.

And when it comes to dogs and suitable human foods there can be a whole lot of information and debates over what is good and bad for them. So where does that leave us with eggs. Can you feed eggs to dogs and more importantly are they good for them? Read on to get the complete rundown on eggs for the sake of your beloved dog!

Yes You Can Feed Eggs to Your Dog

That’s right we are giving the whole egg debate for dogs a final rest and establishing with a resounding yes that eggs can be safely given to dogs. So that is some great news for you and your pet and you can go ahead and treat your doggie to an egg every once in a while. But before you go ahead there are some important dos and don’ts about eggs –  in what form and how many eggs you should be treating your beloved pet to.

While generally speaking eggs in any form are safe for dogs that doesn’t mean that you give them deep fried ones garnished with salt and pepper! Actually any food which is deep fried and salted and spiced should be completely out of bounds for dogs as they are very harmful to their health. So what is the best way to feed eggs to your pet? Well stick to soft or hard boiled eggs and limit them to only one and no more every other day!

Yes You Can Feed Eggs to Your Dog

Benefits of Giving Eggs to Your Dog

When given in a reasonable amount eggs offer a whole range of benefits for our four legged friends. But before we talk about the advantages of treating your pet to a healthy diet of eggs which means just one every other day we need to debunk one of the most widely prevalent myths about eggs. Eggs do not increase cholesterol levels in our bodies or that of dogs and neither do they lead to obesity well unless you put your pet on a ridiculously huge diet of eggs!

When eaten in reasonable amounts eggs are actually very healthy for dogs as they are one of the best non meat sources of proteins. Eggs are of  one of the most comprehensive amino acids sources which is very vital for the health of our pets. They are also very rich in minerals, vitamins, iron and riboflavins all of which contribute to maintaining your pet’s skin, bone and coat health. Finally they are one of the best quality protein sources for our pets which are affordable as well!

Important Precautions and Additional Feeding Tips

When it comes to the topic of eggs and their suitability for dogs the feasibility of feeding them raw eggs is always a hot debate. This is mainly due to the dangers of salmonella poisoning which dogs might be prone to if fed with raw eggs. While humans are more susceptible to getting poisoned from eating raw eggs it is always advisable to give your pet cooked eggs in order to avoid any health issues. Here we would like to mention that egg shells are also a very good source of calcium for dogs. Just boil a batch of egg shells to kill any bacteria and germs and grind them up into a fine powder once the shells have dried out. Adding a daily spoonful to your pet’s food will do them a whole lot of good for sure!

To sum it up, eggs can be safely given to dogs and are actually healthy for them. Just remember to treat your dog to not more than one egg every other day and you are good to go!

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