Can I Give My Dog Dulcolax

Can I Give My Dog Dulcolax

If your dog is suffering from constipation you might be wondering about giving your pet a laxative like Dulcolax. But just because Dulcolax is so commonly used for treating bowel problems in people and is readily available in your medicine cabinet is it wise to give it to your dog as well?

Well when it comes to pets and dogs in particular, self medicating them is completely not advisable as it can always pose more health risks than benefits for your pet. So is Dulcolax used by vets to treat constipation in dogs and is it safe for them on the whole? Read on to know the answer.

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Yes You Can Give Your Dog Dulcolax But Only After Veterinary Approval

So the answer to whether you can give your dog a human laxative like Dulcolax is yes. But that doesn’t mean that you can just self medicate your pet in case they are constipated. Like most other medicine, Dulcolax should be given to dogs only under the approval and supervision of a veterinarian.

Having a professional opinion is really crucial when it comes to treating bowel problems like constipation in dogs. So even though vets sometimes do prescribe Dulcolax for dogs, it can be ascertained only after a thorough professional check up whether this particular medicine will be suitable for your dog or not. So like always, follow the golden rule of pet care – never ever medicate your dog without the prior approval of your vet and that includes Dulcolax as well!

Dulcolax and Correct Dosage for Dogs

Now that we have established the fact that any laxative like Dulcolax should not be given to dogs without a thorough check up by a veterinarian let us learn a bit more about this medicine. Dulcolax is the brand name of the stimulant laxative called Bisacodyl which is sold as an over the counter medicine in the form of oral tablets, suppositories and enemas. Some other names under which this laxative is sold include Bisco-Lax, Fleet Bisacodyl and Carter’s Little Pills.

Just as a general guideline the dosage of Dulcolax prescribed by vets varies between 1 to 4 tablets of 5 mg once daily which is given orally. Dulcolax in the enema form is also given by vets and its dosage ranges between 1 to 2 ml of the solution depending on the weight of the dog. But the most common and preferred way of giving Dulcolax to dogs is in the form of  1-3 rectal suppositories which are placed in the dogs rectum and bring nearly instant relief from constipation.

Causes of Canine Constipation

Now when it comes to constipation in canines we need to understand that it can happen due to a variety of reasons and sometimes giving them a laxative like Dulcolax might not be the best or the right form of treatment. This is why only a vet can determine the correct nature and cause of your pet’s bowel problems and prescribe the right treatment for them. Sometimes constipation in dogs can be also due to a serious blockage in the intestine in rare cases which would need proper medical intervention.But one of the most common causes of constipation in dogs include improper diet without enough fiber. An important point to remember here is that a lot of times constipation in dogs tends to clear up by itself. Some owners swear that giving fiber rich foods like pumpkin puree clears up their doggy’s stomach really well!

So before you go ahead with giving your dog a laxative like Dulcolax it is very important to get your pet checked up thoroughly by a vet. While recurring bouts of constipation warrants a visit to the vet don’t forget that switching to a healthier and fiber rich dog food brand and monitoring your pet’s eating habits more closely are much better alternatives than covering up their bowel problems through self medication!

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