Can dogs eat ghee butter?

Can you give ghee to dogs?
Can you give ghee to dogs?

Can I feed ghee to my dog?

Yes, you can feed ghee to your dog. Ghee mainly contains two types of fatty acids which are good for the growth of a dog and improves cellular function. But, make sure that you do not overfeed it. Overfeeding can cause many health issues especially if your dog is sensitive. Those dogs who suffer from diseases like pancreatitis, are obese, or are simply overweight should avoid eating ghee as it contains a good amount of saturated fats, eating it will only worsen the situation for them.

What is the nutritional content of ghee?

Ghee is a classified butter that has its origin in India. Per 100g it contains 99.8g fats, 880 kcal, 0.2g proteins. It also contains cholesterol, fatty acids, vitamin k2, and minerals like potassium.

By looking at the nutritional content we can say that feeding a limited amount of ghee is good for a dog’s health but an overdose can cause issues. Those dogs who are trying to lose weight should avoid eating/ consuming ghee in any form. Not only ghee but other high-fat and calorie-rich items.

What are the benefits of ghee?

Ghee is bad for dogs is a common misconception, let’s clear it by looking at the benefits of feeding ghee to your dog:

  • It contains fatty acids which help the body to grow, it also improves cellular functions.
  • It acts as a lubricator for both hips and joints of the dog.
  • It contains vitamin k2 which is present in limited food items. Vitamin k2 increases bone density and reduces the risk of getting fractures easily as it helps the body to absorb more calcium. It also reduces the risk of blood clotting.
  • Ghee contains a high level of butyric acid which reduces the possibility of inflammation in joints, hips, and skin.
  • When ghee is applied topically it can reduce skin inflammation and various allergies.

How to use ghee for dogs?

Ghee can be consumed/ served with meals or can be applied topically. It totally depends upon the purpose of using ghee for your dog. If you are serving ghee to your dog make sure you pick a good ghee brand for your dog. According to research, we would like to suggest that you must buy the one which is grass finished/ fed. The quality of ghee you buy for your dog will decide if it is beneficial or just a load of calorie intake.

Ghee can be a good paw balm for your little pooch, you can rub it on your palm to warm it up a bit and then gently massaging it on your dog’s palms.

Can I give my Indian Spitz dog ghee
Can I give my Indian Spitz dog ghee?

What quantity of ghee should be given to your dog?

The quantity of ghee depends upon the weight of your dog, for every 20- 25 pounds you can serve 1/4th tsp of ghee. For working dogs, it should be 1/4th tsp for every 15-20 pounds weight of the dog.

For topical use, you can apply it on the area which is affected like dry skin, itchy area, or irritated patch on the skin.

Who should avoid using ghee?

Dogs who are sensitive to gain weight should avoid consuming ghee or should use the bare minimum. Those dogs who are suffering from pancreatitis and other similar diseases should not consume ghee as it will only worsen their health.

What should I do if my dog accidentally ate a large amount of ghee?

You should take it to see a veterinarian immediately. Pay close attention to the behavior and health of your dog. Dogs cannot communicate therefore, it is a big responsibility to notice the signs it shows to communicate if there is a problem. If your dog accidentally ate ghee, it might get a bit dizzy or tend to throw up but couldn’t do it or it can upset the stomach of your dog, it will always be best if you take it to its vet.

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