Can dogs eat poppadoms?

Are dogs allowed Poppadoms?

No, you should avoid giving poppadoms to your dog. There are a lot of food items which are edible to humans and can be given to dogs but poppadoms cannot be given to dogs. There are a large variety of poppadoms available in the market and each have different amounts of sodium, added flavors, shape, size, material used e.g. green gram lentils etc. Well poppadoms are hard to chew for small pets and they can be very unhealthy if they are made using bad oil.

What are poppadoms chips?

Recipe used to make poppadoms vary from place to place, person to person. It is generally made using mixture of flour and paste of lentils, black gram, rice, potato, chick peas. This recipe was originated within Indian subcontinent. While making dough sodium (salt), peanut oil and sometimes baking soda is added. Depending upon the texture and serving style, it is deeply fried or sometimes roasted on open flame or microwaving. In India 85% people eats poppadoms in different ways. Most of the Indian restaurants all over the globe serves poppadoms with main course meal.

Poppadoms are also known as poppadum, papad, happala, pappadum, appalam etc.

What are the main ingredients used in making poppadoms?

It contains salt / sodium. Researchers took survey samples from 6-7 different places, it was found that a poppadom contains more than 1000 mg salt. Which is not good for consumption of dogs. It contains flour and oil in making dough and other ingredients as per the recipe for e.g. lentils, rice, potato, chick peas etc.

can dogs eat plain poppadoms

Why can’t a dog eat poppadoms?

Poppadoms contains oil because they are deeply fried before consuming / ready to eat. Fish oil can be good for dogs, but most of the poppadoms are prepared by using vegetable oil/ refined edible oil which adds more carbohydrates and can be very harmful for dogs. Eating poppadoms on regular basis can result in increase in weight and can be the basis of many diseases. As there are a variety of poppadoms available in the market each can have their own positive and negative effects on your dog.

Poppadoms which contain potato content can prove to be very bad for dogs who are allergic to potatoes. The poppadoms which are available in the market have added flavours which are bad not just for dogs, but for humans too. Some poppadoms contains garlic and onion which are toxic for dogs in any form weather cooked, baked, fried or fresh. Poppadoms contains high amount of sodium which can result in high blood pressure and can make your dog weirdly thirsty, it might lose his calm.

What can I do if my dog eats poppadoms?

Consumption of a little poppadom might not affect the health of your dog, but if poppadoms contains potatoes and your dog is sensitive for potatoes then he may experience a lot of problems.

As a good caretaker you should keep an eye on your dog and notice for some symptoms and if there are any, take him to see a veterinarian.

If your dog has consumed good amount of poppadom then you should consult a veterinarian immediately as he may suffer from bloat (life threatening condition for some dogs, in which the dog will feel like vomiting but he will not be able to) as the oil and salt levels can twist the stomach of your dog. Sometimes poppadoms can cause gastric issues in dogs.

Therefore, you should not give poppadoms to your dogs. Poppadoms can be very tasty even for dogs as it contains added flavors and preservatives and affects the health of dogs. The salt, fats and carbohydrate amount can cause long term health issues for dogs if eaten on regular basis.

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