Can dogs eat twizzlers?

Are cherry twizzlers bad for dogs

Is twizzlers safe for dogs?

No, dogs should not be given twizzlers as it contains sugar, salt and artificial flavors and colors all of which are harmful to your dog. Twizzlers which have been in production by confectionery companies for more than 100 years now is not a healthy product for pets. It is a confectionery for the taste buds of humans that also only if taken in small servings and its ingredients are harmful for pets.

What are Red, Black twizzlers?

Twizzlers is a candy like product of Y & S Company of Pennsylvania USA. It is made up of corn starch, corn syrup. Wheat flour, salt, sugar, palm oil, glycerin, citric acid, artificial food colors and flavors. Main flavor for twizzlers is strawberry as 70% of total world production of it is strawberry flavored. They come in variety of sizes and shapes. The common shapes are twists, bites and nibs. The sizes of twizzlers vary from country to country but most common size is 20 cm or 8 inches.

Why is it called Twizzler?

This candy is called a twizzler because it has twists in it and has a nozzle like shape. Though now a days it is produced in many shapes.

Where are twizzlers available?

Mainly for human beings consumption twizzlers are made in USA and some other countries but are available all over the world as manufacturers export this product to almost all countries. When you buy it for your own use keep it in a locked cupboard so that it is out of reach of your dear pet.

What will happen if my dog has eaten twizzlers by mistake?

candies are deadly for dogs to eat
Are candies deadly for dogs to eat?

If your dog has eaten twizzlers in a very small quantity there is no need to worry. Just watch for any symptoms like lethargy, diarrhea or vomiting. If there is no symptom for 2-3 hours then your dog is safe. But if your dog has eaten a packet full of twizzlers then there is a reason to be worried about. The overdose of sugar and salt content in twizzler may cause respiratory illness like shortness of breath or diarrhea / vomiting like symptoms in your dog.

If the symptoms in your pet are severe immediately contact your vet. Your vet may suggest some injection or medicines to ease out symptoms of your favorite puppy.

Can I give my dog small quantity of twizzler for taste?

No, do not try to experiment this on your dear canine friend. Because if given a small quantity your dog may ask for more. Small quantity given on regular basis will make a habit for your dog to eat twizzlers, which is harmful.

Anything which we know is either harmful for us or pets, we should avoid totally as taking a small quantity of it gradually turns into a habit.

What are health risks for dogs after eating twizzlers?

The twizzlers contains large amount of sugar which could result in obesity, tooth decay or diabetes like symptoms in dogs. Also eating too much of this candy is bad for humans and dogs alike which may result in gas, bloating or burps. To keep your pet healthy they should be given natural dog food or items, vegetarian or non-vegetarian food,  prepared at home without any sugar or condiments.

So twizzlers should not be given to your dog at all as it an unhealthy confectionery due to ingredients which are harmful for your dear pet. Sugar, salt and artificial flavors and colors in it will deteriorate the health of your dear pet. If you or your kids are eating twizzlers you need to make sure that they are out of reach of your dear furry friend. Keep your pet healthy and safe!

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