Can I give my dog a Slim Jim?

can slim jims kill dogs
can slim jims kill dogs

Can I feed beef jerky to my dog?

Yes, you may give Slim Jim in moderation to your dog. Slim Jim, a snack food, which is basically a combination of beef, chicken and pork jerky is a ready to eat dried meat. It is available easily in nearby stores and will not harm your dog if served occasionally in small quantity. You need to treat it as a snack only and not a complete meal for your dog as it contains some quantity of salt and other preservatives which may prove unhealthy in long run.

What is a Slim Jim?

Slim Jim is a pack of strips of non-vegetarian meat product which is cut into pieces from lean and trimmed meat. It is dried and preserved using salt and dehydrating process. It is similar to a fermented sausage. For drying mostly low temperature drying method is used. Salt is added during drying process to prevent bacterial growth. Sodium Nitrite is also added in it to stop it from turning gray. A moisture to protein ratio of 0.75 to 1 is maintained to prevent bacterial growth. It is vacuum packed to prevent spoilage during storing. Slim Jim can be stored for months without a need for refrigeration making it an all- time snack.

my dog ate a slim jim
My dog ate a slim jim

Is Slim Jim a Healthy Product?

Slim Jim is partly a healthy product as it is a natural meat but since it is prepared using salt and preservatives it is not too healthy for a canine. More salt in the diet of dog is unhealthy for it. It also sometimes contains sugar which is also an unhealthy ingredient for your four legged dear furry friend. The drying process of this meat kills any bacteria and prevents any further bacterial growth making it a hygienic snack.

How much quantity of Slim Jim can I give my dog?

You may only serve only few sticks of Slim Jim to your dog. Since it may seem tasty for your dog and the pets may ask for more but you need to restrain yourself from serving them more. You should not serve this snack food more than once a week to your dear pet due to salt content in it.

What are the complication if my dog has eaten too much quantity of Slim Jim?

If your dog has eaten a large quantity of Jim, it may vomit or feel lethargic or uneasy. You must immediately contact your veterinarian doctor and ask for an antidote. Since Slim Jim is a dehydrated product your dog may need water. Upon seeing any uneasy symptoms in your dog after serving Slim Jim, you may give water to your dear furry friend so that Slim Jim is easily digested and extra salt may get flush out from the digestive system of your dog sooner.

Where is Slim Jim available to buy?

Slim Jim though a propriety brand of a USA based company is available all over the world as it is exported worldwide. There are about 21 varieties of Slim Jim readily available and are very popular all over the world. The other brands of dried beef, pork and chicken mesh jerky are also available around the world.

What are the major nutrients in Slim Jim?

Slim Jim contains 10.5 grams of proteins and 4.5 grams of fat and has about 60 calories of nutrition per serving and is a beneficial diet if taken in moderation. Its unique taste makes it an all-time favorite of humans and pet alike. Since it is processed meat product it should not be consumed too often.

So Slim Jim is a meat stick which contains proteins and fat and is beneficial for pets if eaten in a very moderate quantity not more than once a week.

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