Can dogs have plums?

are plums ok for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Plums are rich source of vitamin C and numerous essential nutrients. It is very beneficial for the dogs only if dogs are fed plums without pits. It is also recommended to feed dogs plums occasionally to avoid diarrhea.

Can dogs eat plums without pits?

Yes, it is safe for dogs to have plums without pits as these seeds consist of poisonous cyanide and cause intestinal blockages.

If your dog consumes plum pits in large quantities, it may get affected by cyanide poisoning. Intestinal blockages can occur when your dog gulps in the whole plum pit in one go. Some of the common symptoms of intestinal blockages in dogs are dehydration and vomiting. If you think that your dog has swallowed a plum, it is advised to visit the vet immediately and provide proper medications to your lovely pet.

What are the benefits of feeding plum to dogs?

Though the pits are harmful, but the plum is very beneficial fruit for your pet. Seed less plum is a high source of vitamin K, copper, potassium and dietary fiber which are good for your dog.

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These benefits help in the proper functioning of the digestive system and the nervous system, it also provides sufficient nutrition and vitamin which is essential for the proper growth and development of the dog’s body and it also helps in the development of the bone growth of the dog.

What are the things which should be known before giving plum to my dog?

There are certain things which should be kept in mind before feeding plum to your dog. Firstly, it is mandatory to remove the seeds and then wash the plum properly if you have bought it from the nearby market and not picked from your own garden. The plums which you buy from the local or super markets consist of pesticide residue which is very harmful to your furry pet.

Can I feed dried plums to my dog?

Dried plums or prunes contains anti- cancer properties and can cure constipation naturally. This healthy diet can be fed to your canine but in fewer amounts.

The dried plums contain more dietary fiber than the raw plums which makes it an excellent natural remedy for curbing constipation but an abundance of dietary fiber is not healthy for dogs. It might cause diarrhea to your lovely pet.

Another issue with the dried plums is that these are sticky, while feeding this to your dog it might get stuck in your dog’s teeth and if by chance the sticky particles stays there for a longer period then it will be bad for your canine’s teeth. If you are regularly feeding prunes to your dogs, then it might cause dental problems and also tooth cavities.

So it is recommended to offer fresh and properly washed seedless plums to your dog rather than feeding them dried plums or prunes. It is fine if you offer one or two prunes occasionally but don’t make it a part of the daily diet.

Can puppy eat plum?

Yes, dogs can have plums if you remove the seeds. Seedless plums can be fed to your dog in intervals, and in limited quantities as having plums in abundance can cause diarrhea to your canine. If you notice that your dog is not keen on having plums, so it’s absolutely fine, you can remove them from the diet of your dog. Being only a nutritional fruit, it is not compulsory to feed plums to your dog.

But if you are so much eager to feed plum to your dog then you may prepare healthy fruits and vegetables mixture and add plums to this to prepare a homemade recipe which will be nutritional and harmless for your canine.

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