can i give my dog dramamine for nausea

Can I Give My Dog Dramamine Motion Sickness

If you have a furry friend at home who suffers from motion sickness taking them along for outings can become quite a distressing affair!  One of the ways to keep the symptoms of motion sickness like vomiting at bay in our pets is by giving them suitable medications under the guidance of a vet.

So if you are wondering whether you can give your doggie some over the counter medicines like Dramamine to treat their travel sickness, then it is very important to know some important facts about this medicine before you go ahead!

Yes You Can Give Your Dog Dramamine

Dramamine is commonly prescribed by vets for dogs who suffer from motion sickness and is usually effective and safe for canines. So you can give this medicine to your pet as long as the dosage is supervised by a veterinarian.

Dramamine consists of a chemical compound known as dimenhydrinate as its main active ingredient. The most common form of this medicine which is suitable for dogs is the children’s formula which is available in a chewable form. There is another formula sold as an over the counter medicine under the name of Dramamine which contains the chemical compound meclizine which induces less drowsiness and is prescribed by vets as well.

Dramamine Dosage Instructions for Dogs

Before we talk about the recommended dosage amount of Dramamine for dogs it is very important to understand that the following guideline is just for general information. You should always take the prior approval and guidance of a vet before you give your dog any kind of medication. And when it comes to over the counter people medicines like Dramamine pet owners should never forget that the suitable dosage instructions for dogs are very different from humans.

As a general guideline, a dosage of 2-4 mg of Dramamine in the tablet form can be given for every pound of a dog’s body weight at least half an hour prior to travel. While this medicine can be given to dogs as when needed it is very important to leave at least 8 hours between each dose.

Dramamine Side Effects in Dogs

Over the counter medicines like Dramamine can be quick and effective in treating motion sickness in our pets but they can have some unpleasant side effects. Some of the most common side effects of Dramamine on dogs include, drowsiness, dryness in the mouth and urine retention. Dramamine may also cause diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss in some cases too.

If you suspect that your dog might have been overdosed with Dramamine then rush them to the vet as soon as possible in order to avoid any fatal consequences.

Natural Ways Of Managing Motion Sickness In Dogs

If your doggie suffers from motion sickness you can try to ease their discomfort by trying out various natural alternatives first instead of opting for medications right away. Firstly, pets take time to adjust to new surrounding and lifestyle changes especially if they have to undergo a long journey in a closed automobile! So start of slow and easy and try to make your pet familiar with your car while it is just sedentary in the garage. Then graduate to short drives and eventually to a longer trip on the road. Keeping your pet’s meals light and avoiding any food just before travelling also makes a world of difference in how they feel when they are on the move. In case you feel that your pet is still very uneasy and suffers from motion sickness in spite of your efforts you can ask the vet for natural herbal supplements which are especially formulated for canines.

So on the whole, you can give Dramamine to your pet dog to treat motion sickness but make sure you seek your vet’s approval and guidance first. Stick to the correct dosage instructions given by the vet as over dosage can be fatal for dogs. Finally always remember that opting for natural management of motion sickness in dogs without the regular help of medicines is well worth the time and effort!

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