Can I give my dog Oranges Tangerine

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

If you are going to ask if you can give your dog oranges the answer to your most important question is YES because it is not considered toxic to them but not too much. Yes if the dog likes to eat some with you when you are having a snack or a meal time and NO it’s not safe for them if they have it in large amount. For human consumption it is healthy for us to take since we needed that vitamin C so we can have as many as we can but remember canine family produces their own vitamin C so they don’t need that extra citrus fruit like these tangerines. They are not the best nutrient for our friendly dogs to be exact.

Can I give my dog Oranges / Tangerine because it contains Potassium? Foliate. Vitamin C and Thiamine?

The answer again is no and yes. Depends on what you think is best for your dog but still, keep in mind that those vitamins makes it so acidic for dogs and can also be very high in sugar which is not suitable for our doggie that’s why most of smart pet lovers rather chose to stay away from oranges than give it to their pets since it can really make their stomach upset and can cause diarrhea and bleeding in the long run. We don’t want that kind of problem and see our best friend get sick right? And also for cat lovers out there, their furry friends cannot take oranges in any way too. If you decided still to choose and feed your dog oranges because you wanted to give them a treat make sure to remove the peeling though before giving it to them because dogs can appreciate it more but always remember most canines refer meat diet instead of oranges or other kinds of fruits.

Can I feed my dog oranges instead of meat?

No, meat diet is what our dog really needs because it gives them the nutritional fact they really need more than oranges and tangerines itself. They’d rather have meat, bones, poultry products and chicken which helps them become more stronger and healthier rather than feeding them those fruits which are not necessary to their daily diet and daily nutritional needs.


Again for the last time, the answer to your question is definitely up to you because feeding our canine oranges is not really what they need and deserve although it’s healthy for us, humans since we need all the vitamins consisting it but for dogs it makes their stomach upset and causes GI, digestive problem especially if they eat the seeds. But then again, if you still want to feed them though, just give them in moderation. Take note, moderation and don’t forget to check on your lovely pet from time to time in case some problems may arise. Now, can you give your pet oranges? The answer and decision is always for you to make.

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