Can I Give My Dog Ensure?

Can I Give My Dog Ensure

When it comes to giving our pets food items that have been formulated for humans we should be very careful. While dogs are undoubtedly our best friends their bodies are built very differently from us. This is why most people foods are not only unsuitable for dogs but can be downright harmful for them even in small doses.

So where does that leave us with Ensure or Boost? Is it okay to give it to our pets and more importantly does it pose any health risks for them?

Yes You Can But Only In Special Cases

If you are thinking of giving your dog some ensure then you need to consult your vet before you go ahead. Ensure is a health supplement which is rich in vitamins and minerals and has a good amount of lactose as well. While giving your pet Ensure is not life threatening or toxic in any way, it should be given to dogs only in some special cases.

If your pet is recovering from an injury or a health condition and you feel that they really need some additional supplement then you can discuss with the vet about giving them some Ensure. Another case in point when giving Ensure would be a good idea is for dogs which have problems putting on weight or are suffering from general weakness. But we would like to stress the importance of seeking the vet’s complete approval before starting them on Ensure.

Ensure and Lactose Intolerance in Dogs

Now that we have established the fact that unless your pet is having problems in putting on weight or is suffering from weakness there is just no reason to give them any Ensure let us discuss a major side effect of this health supplement. Ensure is a supplement which is actually helpful for dogs which need that extra boost in recovering from illness and bulking up. But while Ensure does contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals it is also very high in lactose. And lactose is not easily digested by most dogs as they do not contain the specific enzyme in their bodies which can break it down efficiently.

This is why even though Ensure might help dogs to put on weight it can cause uncomfortable side effects like abdominal cramps and loose stools. So pet parents need to be very careful if they do decide to start their dogs on Ensure as such side effects are really not going to help your dog reap the positive health benefits of the supplement.

How To Give Ensure To Dogs

Once you have the approval of your vet to go ahead with Ensure it is a good idea to discuss the exact dosage amounts in detail with them. Based on the weight and health condition of your pet the vet would be the best guide to ascertain how much Ensure would benefit them. As a general guideline, it is best to start your pet on a very small amount of Ensure and then look out for signs of lactose intolerance. If your pet does not exhibit any loose stools or tummy discomforts then you can continue the same dose for the time period given by the vet. In any case Ensure should be never given to dogs on a permanent basis and should be discontinued immediately if they start having loose stools or bloating and abdominal cramps.

On the whole, while Ensure is not toxic for dogs it should be given only in some special cases to canines. So if your pet is having trouble putting on weight or is recovering very slowly from an illness due to weakness or old age you can ask your vet about giving them some Ensure. Just remember to be very careful about symptoms of lactose intolerance in your pet as Ensure contains a high amount of lactose which can cause bloating, abdominal cramps and loose stools in dogs.

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