Is celery bad for dogs

Can I Give My Dog Cooked Celery

Mention the word celery and it invariably brings up images of diets and diet foods! And while celery undoubtedly makes for a very healthy addition to our snacks and meals it is not everyone’s favorite food on the grocery list!  Which makes you wonder why your pooch gets all excited when there is celery on the dinner menu? And more importantly would it be wise to give your dog some celery one in a while? Well read on to know the answer!

Yes You Can Give Celery to Your Dog

is cooked celery bad for dogs

That’s right! It is okay to give your doggie celery. So the next time you are chopping up some celery at your kitchen table and your pet is begging you for some bits you can go ahead and treat them to some celery.

So if you want to give your dog some celery just because they go bonkers about it every time you bring some home but want to know if it is safe for them to eat you can relax and toss them a few bits as well! Or maybe you love the health benefits of this vegetable and you feel the need to add some healthy treats to dog’s diet as well and want to know if celery would be suitable for your pooch? Well yes again! Celery is healthy for dogs too and makes for a great and healthy substitute to store bought treats. And being calorie free they offer a whole lot of health benefits to your pet without contributing to any extra pounds.

Health Benefits of Feeding Celery to Dogs

Celery has lots of health benefits to offer to dogs starting off with important vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin A, B, and C as well as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron and magnesium. Celery is also very rich in amino acids which make them one of the best sources of natural growth supplements.

By giving your dog small pieces of celery one in a while you can help keep oral problems like bad breath completely at bay as celery is an excellent breath freshener which is 100% natural as well! Being very high in dietary fiber this vegetable is also very good for your doggie’s bowel health. Celery is also very beneficial for dogs due to their anti-inflammatory properties and helps combat common canine problems like joint pain and arthritis as well.

Important Serving Instructions

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of giving celery to your dog it is very important to feed this vegetable to them in the correct manner.  The digestive tracts of dogs are very different from humans and more adapted to digesting meat products. This is why we need to be extra careful when we give our pet’s fruits and vegetables and that goes for celery as well.  So start off with peeling the celery stalk in order to remove all the stringy parts which can otherwise cause fatal blockages in your pet’s tummy. Next cut the celery into bite sized pieces which you can then give to your pet raw or slightly cooked. Just remember to stick to small pieces and very tiny amounts as too much of celery can cause tummy upsets and excessive urination.

To sum it up, giving celery to your dog is completely fine and if your pet is fond of it you can use it as healthy doggie treats! Just remember stick to small portions and peeled bite sized pieces as too much of celery can cause digestive issues.

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