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Can I Give My Dog Visine or Clear Eyes Eye Drops

Can I Give My Dog Visine or Clear Eyes Eye Drops

When it comes to our beloved dogs, we can all agree that their eyes are so very endearing and adorable no matter what breed they might belong to. But when we find that there is something wrong with those melting eyes, it is natural to feel concerned and look for suitable treatment options.

While your concern for your pet is completely justified opting for self medication is simply not. Which brings us to a common query most pet parents face every once in a while. Is it okay to give their dog eye drops? Read on for the answer.

No Do Not Give Eye Drops to Your Dog

That’s right. Eye drops which are formulated for human use should never be given to dogs. As responsible and caring pet parents we need to always remember the crucial fact that dogs are built very differently from humans.

This is why dogs don’t react to human medications very favorably in most cases. And this fact stands true for their eyes as well.  So for the sake of your beloved pet’s health, that bottle of eye drops in your medicine cabinet should never be used on your dog.

Dogs and Eye Problems

Just like us, dogs too suffer from eye problems. These problems can range from common eye issues which clear up on their own to more serious disorders which might need a thorough check up and treatment by a vet. But whatever the case may be, one should never use eye drops on dogs as this can actually harm their eyes instead of helping them in any way.

So if you find that your pet is pawing at their eyes and there is something wrong with them just seek the opinion of the vet. Always remember that self medicating our pets is wrought with serious health consequences and we should never resort to treating them by ourselves for the sake of their well being.

Dealing With Doggie Eye Problems the Right Way

But when it comes to dogs most of their eye problems resolve on their own. For instance if you find that your pet’s eyes are collecting some deposits at the corners or watering unusually the best option for you is to just give it some time instead of reaching for eye drops. Waiting out and putting your pet under observation is very important as their eyes will either get better without any intervention and in case you find that your dog’s eyes are looking worse you should get in touch with the vet as soon as possible.

So to clear the record once and for all when it comes to treating our pet dog’s eye problems we have just two options at hand. Either leave them alone and wait for them to clear up naturally and in case they don’t in a day or two get in touch with the vet for proper treatment. Only a vet can ascertain what is exactly wrong with your dog’s eyes and prescribe proper medications which are specifically formulated for dogs. Human eye drops on the other hand can actually damage your dog’s eyes and are therefore definitely not recommended for them!

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