Is processed meat sausage – Devon safe for dogs?

should dogs eat devon
should dogs eat devon

Can my dog eat devon?

The ingestion of this food is not recommended and should highly be avoided. Salami, bologna, and devon are highly processed thus usually contain fat, salt, and spices. Although very small amounts of these foods can be tolerated yet it still isn’t good for your dogs to consume.

What are devons?

Devon is an artificial meat product that is sold mostly in Australia and New Zealand. Its appearance and taste are much alike to bologna sausage and cooked pork sausage that is commonly known as Berliner. Devon is sometimes associated with Bung Fritz, a unique recipe in the South Australian region that mainly uses a sheep’s appendix known as “bung”. However, South Australians claimed that both are not related to each other.

What are devons made of?

Devon is mostly made from chunks of beef, lamb, and chicken seasoned with the usual sausage herbs and spices, packed in a large or a fairly large casing that is factory boiled. It also can be sliced thinly or cubed in salads or fried. Thin slices will appear like a lengthwise cut cucumber which is held up with toothpicks. It can be served in an elegant appetizer platter as part of breakfast and is usually eaten in sandwiches with tomato sauce.

What does devon contain that is harmful to dogs?

Devons are manufactured and processed meat therefore they contain high levels of preservatives, seasonings, and salt which are greatly harmful to dogs. Moreover, this meat is often rich in genetically modified organisms and preservatives. Unlike humans, the dog’s digestive system is not good at breaking down complex molecules that is why it can cause diarrhea or upset stomach. In addition, depending on where you got the meat and whether it is freshly cooked, it may accumulate small amounts of E-coli or other harmful spoilage bacteria.

What are the harmful effects of eating Devon?

High-fat foods like devon, bacon, ham, or ground meat can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Also, because these meats often contain a high sodium level, it may cause an upset stomach and in extreme cases, can cause bloating which can be fatal. Salt can also cause severe conditions such as sodium ion poisoning, excessive thirst, and frequent urination. Other side effects after eating too much salt may include vomiting, diarrhea, increased body temperature, and seizures. Salt can be fatal and toxic that is why you need to minimize the amount of salt in the food you share with your dogs. Lastly, foods like devon contain sulfite preservatives which can cause thiamine deficiency and worse, death. Therefore, you should always be mindful of the foods you feed to your canine pups especially those highly processed products.

What should I do to prevent my dog from eating devon?

It is important that you can control and set some limitations on your dog. He/she will eat as many as possible so you need to regulate your dog’s consumption to ensure his/her safety. Make sure your dog cannot reach any food that is on the table. This also means that you must pay close attention to your dog’s behavior whenever you have guests in your house because they might just feed your dogs with dangerous foods or any toxic table litters. It is important as a dog owner that you possess awareness since your dog depends on you because you’re the one that is in control of his/her diet and understands better as to which food is detrimental to his/her health. Further, it is best to confirm with your vet if all the foods and snacks you gave are healthy. Instruct your family, friends, and guests as well to keep all the food out of your dog’s reach unless you approve it otherwise.

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