My dog ate whole plate of cooked Rissoles. Should I be worried?

can dogs eat homemade rissoles patties
can dogs eat homemade rissoles patties

Can dogs eat small patty enclosed in pastry, or rolled in breadcrumbsRissoles?

The consumption of this food for dogs is not recommended and should be avoided. Rissoles are rich in fat, salt, and toxic ingredients such as onions, garlic, or spices. Thus, you should know that making this as a treat to canines is very dangerous and may cause serious illnesses.

What is a Rissole?

Rissole is a small tart wrapped in dough or rolled in breadcrumbs, usually baked or fried. The filling contains salty ingredients with minced meat, fish, or cheese and can be used as an appetizer, main course, or side dish. The term “rissole” refers to several different foods, depending on the country. All types of rissoles are essentially similar to croquettes except that they can be prepared in many ways with various ingredients. Rissoles can be used together with appetizers, main dishes, or even desserts but depends on where they are served as well as the ingredients used for the filling.

What are Rissoles made of?

To make a rissole, the filling should contain either minced meat, fish, cheese, or fruits then be wrapped in pastry dough or rolled in breadcrumbs. It is recommended that rissoles should not be fried to avoid a greasy and oily product. Thus, it is best that it should be baked and served while it’s still hot.

What does Rissole contain that is harmful to dogs?

Rissoles contain a high level of fat which can cause stomachaches and constipation in dogs. Not only that, but it also contains high levels of sodium. If a dog eats too much salt, it might experience some health problems like dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can also result in salt poisoning (hypernatremia) which can be life-threatening and would require emergency veterinary assistance. Also, rissoles contain garlic and onions which are toxic for dogs. Either raw, fried, cooked, or even powdered onions are all harmful to dogs because they can cause hemolytic anemia. Thus, rissoles should not be served to your canine pups.

What should I do if my dog ate Rissoles?

If your dog ate some rissoles, don’t panic unless he/she’s showing serious symptoms. However, it is best advised to directly go to your veterinarian so that he/she can be treated and be given appropriate medicines, care, and assistance

How do I prevent my dog from eating Rissoles?

Dogs are scavengers in nature as they would likely eat anything they came across the floor. Sometimes, the food they ingest may look delicious but could actually harm them which can cause intestinal obstruction. Thus, the only way to prevent them from eating these foods is to make sure not to put any toxic food (like rissoles) on parts of your house that are easy to access to dogs.

Are there healthier options to replace Rissoles?

There are of course many healthier options to replace rissole on your dog’s diet list. You may consult an expert or your veterinarian for recommendations of healthy treats for your dogs. Most pet owners would just slide their leftovers off the pet’s table not knowing that what they gave are actually harmful. So if you really want to pamper your pet with something special or you just want to share your food, here are some common human foods that can be shared with your furry pets. Most pets love to eat chicken. Chicken meat is high in protein thus making it a good substitute for dog foods. However, never feed them raw chicken with bones because it breaks easily which can kill them. Bones are actually not good for dogs therefore you need to make sure that chicken bones are already removed before sharing.

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