My dog ate Jujube (confectionery). Now What?

My dog age some sugar coated jubes
My dog age some sugar coated jubes

Can dogs eat jujube or jubes jelly candy?

Candies, in any form, can be lethal to human health if consumed regularly. The same goes for canines. The ingredients used in candies like jubes are toxic to dogs. It can lead to severe health issues and should be refrained from making as treats. Research shows that sweet foods are one reason for the deaths of many canine pups hence should be avoided as much as possible.

What are jubes?

Jubes or jujus are candy drops, usually gummy type. Traditionally, it was made from the jujube fruit and was sold by confectioners. But because it has been highly commercialized, there are now a lot of existing recipes available in the market that uses various flavorings other than the jujube fruit.

What is the nutritional content of jubes?

Jubes have carbohydrates and sugar as its main components. About 35g are carbohydrates and 25g are sugar. Thus, you should limit your consumption on this product otherwise you’ll suffer from chronic illnesses.

Are jujube candies healthy?

All candies have low nutritional value. Its components are mostly carbohydrates and sugar so the probability of getting health complications is extremely high. If consumed regularly, it might cause severe diseases that are fatal once left untreated.

Why are jubes harmful to dogs?

Too much carbs and sugar intake may lead to serious illnesses. Just like humans, dogs also need to regulate the consumption of these substances. If you feed your pooch with super sweet foods, the risk of dental issues is high. Your dog may have sweet tooth, but it should only be fed moderately. Once a large amount of jubes is ingested, your dog will not only suffer dental issues but the likelihood of having chronic heart disease and diabetes will immensely rise. Thus, it must be avoided to prevent these life-threatening conditions.

Can I make jubes a treat for my dogs?

A human body needs carbohydrates and sugar to function well but too much of this is extremely dangerous to one’s health. This also applies to canines as they only need a small quantity of sweets in their body. Thus, using jubes as a treat to your dogs is unsafe if not moderately consumed.

What will happen to my dogs if they eat jubes?

Jubes have a huge amount of carbohydrates and sugar stored in those gummy candies. If consumed regularly, your dogs might just gain too much weight. It could, in most cases, cause obesity. The high sugar content as well will surely cause dental issues. Your dogs might suffer toothache and even tooth decays if not prevented. Nonetheless, both carbs and sugar are needed for our body to function well but if, and only if, consumed moderately. Thus, in order to prevent having an overweight or obese dog with diabetes or heart disease, do not feed them with any quantity of jubes.

What alternatives should I serve if not jubes?

Just because it’s tasty for humans doesn’t mean it’s safe for dogs. Just so you know, there are a lot of human foods that are actually poisonous once fed to canine pups. Jubes, for example, should be avoided as much as possible as it contains artificial sweeteners that can cause a dog’s blood pressure to drop eminently low. Thus, to ensure the safety of your dogs, you can feed them nutritious foods instead. Some foods that are good for pooch are seaweeds, carrots, apples, doggy chocolates, grass, sweet potatoes, berries, and soy milk. If you want your furry pets to stay healthy and fit, make sure to provide them the best food with high nutritional value to prevent any health complications.

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