My dog loves eating Mediterranean focaccia bread. Should I be worried?

My dog loves eating mediterranean focaccia bread
My dog loves eating mediterranean focaccia bread

Can dogs eat focaccia bread?

Normally, dogs can safely eat pieces of bread just like humans. Being the most common staple food, owners can easily feed their dogs with bread as treats. However, the consumption of bread is not always safe. Focaccia bread for example is safe as long as it is to be fed as it is. Meaning, you can make it as a treat but only if you give the bread alone, with no other additional ingredients. This is because there are a lot of existing recipes for focaccia bread that humans mostly serve to make it tastier but well, not for dogs. Thus, it is important to consider what ingredients are present in your treats before feeding it to your pooch.

What is focaccia bread?

Focaccia bread is an Italian bread baked in a flat oven. It is also known to some places as “pizza bianca” because it resembles the texture of pizza dough. It can be served as a sandwich or being garnished with herbs and vegetables on top like that of a pizza. The taste, texture, and form differ depending on which variant you have. Therefore, although this bread may sound edible for dogs, some additional ingredients might just trigger complications so it is important that you should take everything into consideration before feeding it to your pups.

Is focaccia bread bad for dogs?

Focaccia bread alone does not provide a threat to the dog’s health. However, it must be consumed moderately since excessive intake in everything is bad. The same goes with its toppings or fillings. Some people would like to put spices and herbs on top of focaccia bread to add more taste. Others would even make it a sandwich and put cheese and onions as fillings which are all toxic especially to those with a sensitive tummy. Some dogs are also allergic to wheat so make sure you know your dog’s health condition well.

What harmful ingredients are there in focaccia bread?

Generally, bread is safe to ingest for dogs. Well, except to those with wheat allergies. But other than that, the main ingredients used in focaccia bread are harmless, if and only if, taken moderately. Just like any bread, it contains a high amount of carbohydrates which can make your dog fat or worse, overweight. This should be taken seriously because the more fats stored inside the dog’s body, the more complications are at stake. Another nutritional fact in focaccia bread is that not only fats are present but its sodium content has actually the highest value. Just like humans, a huge amount of sodium in a dog’s body may result in chronic diseases which can be fatal. 

Further, although bread is made from few and simple ingredients, there are a lot of recipes that require more components to achieve a desirable taste. Most of these ingredients are cheese, garlic, onions, and other spices that are toxic for furry pets and should be avoided as much as possible.

What will happen to my dogs if they eat focaccia bread?

Focaccia bread alone is harmless but if you feed your dog with an excessive amount then that’s the time you need to worry. Too much consumption might lead to obesity as it contains a high value of fats. The high sodium content in the bread may also result in heart diseases and severe weakness. The yeast found in the dough, once ingested raw, might ferment in the stomach which becomes toxic and fatal. This toxicity can lead to bloating and serious stomach pains which is known to be ethanol or alcohol toxicosis. Some symptoms that need to be taken seriously are depression, weakness, excessive gas being passed, behavioral changes, hypothermia, vomiting, and worst, cardiac arrest. If one of these symptoms persists, it is best to consult your vet right away. Some symptoms might fade away in a few minutes but that doesn’t guarantee safety. It is still advisable to have your dogs checked especially if you are aware that he/she consumed a huge amount of bread.

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